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Lefty Stratocaster Parts

Learn about and buy left handed Stratocaster Parts. We have information on Mexican, American, and American Deluxe Stratocaster parts. If you still have unanswered questions after viewing these pages, feel free to check out the forum.

Lefty Stratocaster BodyLefty Bodies

View photos of different color Stratocaster bodies. Learn the differences between the Mexican, American, and American Deluxe bodies.

Lefty Stratocaster NeckLefty Necks

Specs on the different Stratocaster neck models. see many pictures of rosewood and maple necks.

Lefty Stratocaster Loaded PickguardLefty Pickguards

Discover all the different left handed loaded pickguard configurations. See very large pictures and wiring diagrams of lefty loaded pickguards.

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Lefty Stratocaster BridgeLefty Bridges

See the different bridge models available for your lefty Strat.

Lefty Stratocaster Tremolo CoverLefty Bridge Covers

Cover that tremolo hole in the back of your guitar with a bridge cover!

Lefty Stratocaster BridgeLefty Neck Plates

Find out what neck plate will work on your left handed Stratocaster.

Lefty Stratocaster Output JackOutput Jacks

These small parts play a big role on your guitar. See what output jacks will work best on your Strat.

Lefty Stratocaster BridgeStrap Buttons

Check out the different types of strap buttons and strap locks that you can buy.

Lefty Stratocaster CaseCases

Protect your lefty Strat in a hardshell case or keep it safe in an affordable gig bag.