Lefty Strats

Lefty American StratocasterTired of looking all over for left handed Stratocasters? Look no more, Lefty Strats has everything you need! Find complete guitars or parts to build your dream stratocaster! We have compiled the best web resources for all you left handed players. Find the Fender guitar you want at the best price!

New Lefty Strats

Shop our selection of brand new left handed Fender Stratocasters. Get free shipping and pay no sales tax out in most states. Choose from Squiers, Mexican Standard, American Standard and American Deluxe Lefty Strats!

Used Lefty Strats

Find your dream Lefty Strat at a great price here. See Squier, Mexican and American used Lefty Stratocasters that are for sale. Our site has narrowed down the best used Left Handed Strats and Lefty Telecasters on eBay!

Lefty Stratocaster Parts

Need left handed Stratocaster parts? We have what you need. Get supplies for building and or repairing your Fender Stratocaster. See and learn about lefty bodies, necks, pickguards, bridges, neck plates, cases and more!

Resources & Links

Check out the various guitar building links we have.